Monday, May 9, 2011

Must. Stop. Obsessing.

We're only about a week out from network upfronts, and you can just feel the nervous crazy coming off of TV writers. Which pilots will make it? Which won't? Why was that one picked over my favorite?! Will I have a job for the fall?! Will I lose out on being put up for procedural shows because my pilot is a soft, character-based family drama? Why didn't I write that fantasy pilot that would have been a perfect sample for one of the 9 fairytale pilots in contention for shows? What's happening? Tell me!

And even though you know that no one really knows anything until everyone knows everything, you find that Deadline has owned your soul for the last week or so when you realize that you've been refreshing the page every hour or so.

Take a deep breath and repeat this mantra: There's nothing you can do.

That's right, I said it -- there's nothing you can do. But instead of letting that debilitate you, allow it to free you. Write something new. Go to the dog park or the gym. Cry about the Lakers. Read more Song of Ice and Fire (it's really good!).

Most importantly, take a deep breath and go on with your life... because after next week, it's going to get even crazier.

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