Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Woo-hoo! We've now more or less broken even in contest and fellowship entry fees because after several delays and then a few weeks of utter silence (I understand, these things take time), Creative Screenwriting just announced the winners of their AAA Contest and our spec of The Good Wife is one of them!

Charlie Sheen never had it so good. Except, you know, when he did.

Here is the list of winners. Congratulations to everyone!

AAA Screenplay Contest Winter 2010-2011 Winners
And Finalists
(For Semifinalists and Honorable Mentions, click here)

Feature Film
Shiny PennyDan SheaGrand PrizeFeatureSci-Fi or Fantasy/Drama
Dead Below ZeroEdward CaseSecond PrizeFeatureHorror Genre or Horror-Comedy
Dec Homer's OdysseyAlex DrummondThird PrizeFeatureRomantic Comedy Genre

Top Ten Finalists
WipeBen ArnoldTop 10 FinalistFeatureThriller Genre
M.a.x. 101 - Edge Of ForeverSam LuTop 10 FinalistFeatureSci-Fi or Fantasy
Ticket to MarsJason GinsburgTop 10 FinalistFeatureSci-Fi or Fantasy
Rising PhoenixRyan MukaiTop 10 FinalistFeatureSci-Fi or Fantasy
SomervilleJames C. VictorTop 10 FinalistFeatureDrama Genre
OathkeeperElisa GraybillTop 10 FinalistFeatureSci-Fi or Fantasy
Olympian (tie)Tamsyn Harker &
Esther Venning
Top 10 FinalistFeatureDrama Genre
The Best Part of the Day (tie)Betty Ellington SmithTop 10 FinalistFeatureDrama Genre
Best Comedy
Dec Homer's OdysseyAlex DrummondComedy PrizeFeatureRomantic Comedy Genre
Best Creature Feature
Dead Below ZeroEdward CaseCreature FeatureFeatureHorror Genre or Horror-Comedy
Best Thriller Or Drama*
WipeBen ArnoldBest ThrillerFeatureThriller Genre
* "Best Thriller Or Drama" was not an official prize category. However, judges and contest management agreed that this script, which finished second in the feature judging overall, merits special recognition. Because it did not fit one of the genre categories in which cash prizes are offered, we created this additional category to recognize this script.
Best One-Hour TV Show

The Good Wife: SlippageJosh Weiss-Roessler &
Juliana Weiss-Roessler
First PrizeTV--Hour-Long
Lie To Me:
Lost And Found
Jenna RyanFinalist

Men Of A Certain Age: I Feel Like Having Me Some Ribs:Dan SheaFinalist

Mad Men:
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Alex SimonFinalist

Best Half-Hour TV Show
Parks and Recreation:
Renaissance Faire
Julie Cross
First Prize

Modern Family:
Our Sacrifice
Garron Ma

The Walking Dead:
The Drowning Pool
Jeremy McCann

Modern Family:
To Catch A Thief
Matthew Kellard

Best Opening
Dead Below ZeroEdward CaseBest OpeningFeatureHorror Genre or Horror-Comedy
Dec Homer's OdysseyAlex DrummondBest OpeningFeatureRomantic Comedy Genre
Rising PhoenixRyan MukaiBest OpeningFeatureSci-Fi or Fantasy

Monday, June 6, 2011

In less funny GoT news...

The members of the Broadcast TV Journalists Association just named Game of Thrones as one of their 10 (yes, 10!) nominees for best dramatic series this year. Awesome news for a show that's like the medieval fantasy version of The Wire.

On the whole, their list of nominees is pretty great, and I can't really argue with much of it. Scroll down on the Deadline story to see the whole list. Here are the drama series nominees:

Boardwalk Empire - HBO

Dexter - Showtime

Friday Night Lights - DirecTV

Fringe - FOX

Game of Thrones - HBO

The Good Wife - CBS

Justified - FX

The Killing - AMC

Mad Men - AMC

The Walking Dead - AMC

Stupid Ned Stark

Despite misspellings, this meme is pretty great. Even better is that it comes from a blog called Winter Is Coming, Bitches.

My favorite: "Household guards not being discrete enough? Stroll into brothel yourself."